Building Glass Cleaning Services

PT. TULODO MONGGO AGUNG is a service provider company kebeersihan who are very concerned about the cleanliness of the building, including glass. For us the building is an asset that must be preserved and cared for cleaness.
Glass-cleaning services of buildings and facilities is an attempt to maintain the cleanliness, orderliness, harmony and beauty of a building and which do regularly according to SOP existing Building Management to keep them clean to give comfort to their environment. Cleaning the glass building was done with the contract system for a period of 6 months or 1 year on a regular basis.

Excellence We are BENEFITS FOR YOU:
  • We have experts who are educated through a special training program and ongoing
  • Hardware that supports the hygiene procedures (SOP)
  • Always provide best and competitive solutions to reduce the cost of care
  • Enlarge your convenience, because we trained and professional work by relying K3 (Health and Safety)
  • Using the facilities and infrastructure that have been tried and tested quality by renewing each method
  • Glass building cleaning services are always active and responsive to be contacted at any time
In the process of cleaning the glass of the building, we have four methods of glass cleaning tool in the building:
1. Rope Acces
Rope Access is a means used by Team Building Glass Cleaner using rope access where we apply a zero accident system that ensures the safety of our workforce. This methode is method frequently used method today and recommended.
2. Gondola
The execution via gondola we did for the working height of buildings above 26 floors for rope access SIO certificates are only allowed to work on the glass cleaner under 26 floor building.
3. Scaffolding or Steger
The process of building glass cleaner using scaffolding do when a field of workmanship no anchor rope used to tether strap on the rope access method or used for cleaning glass in the building.
4. Mobil Crane
The cleaning process uses a crane car used to reach places inaccessible scaffolding so that the cleaning process more flexible
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