Cleaning Service in Bandung

PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung is one of the companies engaged in the Cleaning Service is present in Bandung to meet customer needs. PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung is part of MONGGOAGUNG present as hygiene solutions in Bandung from the start household cleaning area up to the office / building.
We provide regular cleaning service which includes thorough cleaning inside and outside the building with the object of cleaning including; Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Apartments, Restaurants, Mall, Factory area in Bandung. In addition, we also provide specialized cleaning services, such as; marble crystallization, cleaning carpets / sofas and others.

PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung is the right choice cleaning service because we provide competitive price, has a young and well-trained personnel in the field clening service / housekeeping, quality assurance standards, and is supported by advanced equipment as well as chemicals that are environmentally friendly. We always focus on customer satisfaction so we always provide excellent service. Support Training Center is one of our efforts to ensure that our human resources are always skilled and maintain service.
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