How to Keep the Sink Always Clean and Fragrant

Previously we discussed the Sanitary Cleaning including equipment and chemicals that must be used. For this time we will discuss about how to clean Washtafel (Vanity Area) which is a further discussion of previous sanitary cleaning.

The following is the procedure for cleaning the sink:
  1. Wet the inside of the sink, brush using a sponge then rinse
  2. Spray the cleaning solution into the sink and let it sit for a while
  3. Use a bottle spray to clean the mirror with a cleaning solution, dry it with a cloth without fiber / kanebo
  4. Clean the table with colorful cloth, along with a faucet, a soap dispenser to the side of the bottom table, then dry it
  5. Make sure the soap dispenser is still working properly
  6. Brush the inside of the sink with a sponge and clean the drainage filter with a toothbrush
  7. Rinse until evenly then dry

This is the way to clean the sanitary (cleaning sink) from PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung. Next we will discuss about urinal cleansing, toilet cleaning, wall and floor cleaning. For cleaning service needs, please visit us.
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