Tips Cleaning Service: How to Vaccum the Carpet Floor

Jasa Cleaning Service (MOCLS) has provided tips on how to clean dust and dirt on walls & furniture. Henceforth, we will provide tips or how to vacuum the carpet floor right   from PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung. Vacuuming the carpet aims to clean the dust and dirt on the carpet.

Equipment needed for vacuum carpet all:

  • Dry Vaccum Cleaner
  • Extention Cable (if needed)

Procedure for vaccum carpet flooring:

  1. Prepare equipment from the warehouse
  2. Check all equipment before use including electrical connections, cables, and dust bags, vacuum cleaner
  3. Remove large, sharp objects from the surface of the carpet before suctioning begins
  4. Match the use of a special Nozzle Head to the carpet floor surface
  5. Make sure the entire surface of the carpet is dry or does not contain water
  6. Clean up by systematic suction, starting from the farthest corner from the exit
  7. Special attention is paid to the corners, edges and areas that are often passed by people
  8. Clean the area that cannot be reached by the head of the nozzle with the help of other vacuum cleaner accessories, for example with a crevice nozzle
  9. After all is done, gather all the equipment and clean the inside (dust bag) and the outside, then keep it in place.

That's the way to vacuum for carpet floors from Monggo Cleaning Service (MONGGOAGUNG GROUP). For service cleaning needs please contact us PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung.

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