Tips on How to Keep Your Home or Office Floor Brighter

We often find that the floor at home or even our office looks dull. This certainly reduces comfort and beauty. Monggo Cleaning Service is one of the cleaning service companies that will give tips on how to keep your home or office floor brighter.

Dry Buffing aims to keep the floor looking more shiny
Before carrying out the polishing process we must first prepare the equipment that will be used for cleaning service

The following tools will be used for dry buffing:

  1. 1 unit Floor Polisher complete with accessories (Pad Holder and White Pad)
  2. 2 units of safety signs (Warning Sign)
  3. 1 unit of extension cable (Extension Cable) if needed

After all equipment is prepared, the next step is to carry out the dry buffing process.

  1. The way to Take the equipment that has been prepared
  2. Check Floor Polisher on the plug and cable condition for safety
  3. Put the Warning Sign in the right place
  4. Pair the Pad Holder and the White Pad
  5. Stand the Floor Polisher back up to the operator
  6. Ensure that the cable is above the operator's shoulder and is always behind the work line so that it is not overwritten by the floor polisher
  7. Start polishing (buffing) from the edge first then from the farthest area to the exit with a backward motion and overlapping with the number eight method, do this until it is finished completely
  8. Check and make sure that the floor is really shiny and shiny
  9. Collect all equipment, clean it, and store it back in the warehouse

That is the way of polishing (Dry Buffing) Cleaning Service from PT. Tulodo MonggoAgung (MONGGOAGUNG GROUP). Please contact us for the needs of Jakarta(Jabodetabek) cleaning services and Bandung cleaning services. We are the right solution for your cleanliness problem.

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