Cleaning Services

We provide services ranging from daily cleaning, periodic services, to those that are specific to certain industries, all of which we provide complete with trained employees, environmentally friendly cheers and equipment and systems specifically designed to support the needs and smooth running of your business.

Our service
1. Cleaning Service
Comprehensive contract cleaning cleaning both inside & outside the building (Offices, Malls, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.)

2. Special Cleaning & General Cleaning
Includes: Marble Crystallization, Carpet / Sofa Washing, Pool Maintenance etc.

3. Other Services
Landscaping, Gardening  


  • Area Control by Project Control and Quality Assurance periodically to ensure the quality of cleanliness in the Area.
  • Carry out Refreshing Training by Instructors from MONGGOAGUNG HR Division periodically or according to needs.
  • Employee / Cleaner performance appraisal.
  • General Cleaning periodically (Weekly Monthly).
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