PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung
Cleaning Service, Property Service and Outsourcing

PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung is a national company engaged in cleaning service, property service, and outsourcing that is professionally managed and has a high commitment to service quality.

PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung has the best solution that combines service quality with the available budget. We listen to you to understand your needs, so we can provide the best solution for you. 
Our Services
We provide services ranging from daily cleaning, periodic services, to those that are specific to certain industries, all of which we provide complete with trained employees, environmentally friendly cheers and equipment and systems specifically designed to support the needs and smooth running of your business.

  1. Area Control by Project Control and Quality Assurance periodically to ensure the quality of cleanliness in the Area.
  2. Carry out Refreshing Training by Instructors from MONGGOAGUNG HR Division periodically or according to needs.
  3. Employee / Cleaner performance appraisal.
  4. General Cleaning periodically (Weekly Monthly).
  1. We focus on quality service
  2. We offer competitive prices and can be adjusted to the budget
  3. We realize that every rupiah a client spends is an investment that deserves a commensurate return
  4. We have experience
  5. We have environmentally friendly equipment and chemicals
  6. We have young trained and experienced personnel
  7. We have a Quality Assurance System
  8. We are supported by the Training Center
What Do We Offer

Regular Cleaning
Includes thorough cleaning inside and outside the building, such as cleaning; Offices, Hotels, Malls / Commercial Centers, Factories, Hospitals etc. 

Special Cleaning
Includes special work based on client needs, such as; crystallization of marble, carpet / sofa shampooing, treatment pool and General Cleaning.

Support Services
Includes other support services, such as; landscaping, gardening, secure parking and other supporting services.
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