Catering Services

Healthy Food Recommended Nutritionist, Cheap and Reliable for You

PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung serves catering services for various events with various menu choices as needed. We are the right choice for those of you who need catering services.

  • The price we offer is affordable, does not drain the bag and can be adjusted to the budget.
  • The menu that we provide is varied and halal .
  • The ingredients we eat are still fresh and of high quality.
  • Do not use ingredients that are harmful to health
  • Hygienic equipment
  • Do not have a minimum order for certain services.
  • Free shipping for certain services.
  • On time delivery.

Monggo Catering has an integrated team collaboration that is synergized between parts from the cooking section to the delivery / delivery section to provide satisfying services to consumers. We have experienced chefs for dishes that match the tongue of Indonesian people and are supported by a team that has been in the food field for decades.
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