Property Services

We always maintain your property well. We will also manage your building to provide more value by optimizing and minimizing risk. We always use operational standards to maintain and manage each building consistently to ensure a long building age and safeguard its value from time to time.

Our services consist of Maintenance, Landscape, Pest Control, M & E Sanitation, and Indoor Quality. Each service provided will begin with in-depth observations in the location and environment of the client's property. Thus, we can apply the most feasible method that is able to maximize value and reduce property costs fundamentally

In management facilities, PT. Tulodo Monggo Agung offers a number of trained human resources who are able to work in various elements (integrated in teamwork), and are able to accommodate needs such as administrators of facilities and infrastructure, to management and maintenance of assets that aim to support the work of employees. Services provided include management staff, building management, cleaning services, gardeners and various supporting technicians. Equipped with complete work equipment, sophisticated machinery and high-quality chemical raw materials, we have served various building management needs such as office buildings, official homes and apartments, both interior and exterior.
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