General Contractor

We Establish and run a building bureau business by planning and carrying out the construction of Architectural and Civil Chartering with the following Sub Fields and Qualifications:

1. Building

  • Commercial Building Construction Services
  • Implementing Services for Other Building Construction

2. Civil Buildings

  • Construction Services for Water Channels, Ports, Dam, and Other Water Resources Infrastructure
  • Construction Services for Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants and Waste Management Buildings
  • Road Construction Services (except Flyovers) Roads, Railroads and Airport Runways
  • Services for Bridge, Flyover, Tunnel and Subway Construction

3. Mechanical and Electrical Installation

In an effort to support the needs of all customers, we also provide other services such as;
1. Demolition & renovation of buildings
2. Manufacture & maintenance of the park
3. Manufacture & maintenance of swimming pools
4. Other support services.
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